MacCormack, Pat

9020 A Rest by the Way

9021 A Full Basket

9022 A Watchful Eye

9023 Coming from the Fair

9024 An Evening Stroll

9025 Sunshine and Shadow

9026 Telling the Tale

9027 Passing the News

9028 Home from the Sea

9029 Heading Home

9030 The Road to the Sea

9031 The End of the Day

Bringing home the Turf

Untitled Geese

Untitled Harbour scene

Untitled – Feeding the Chickens

Untitled – Lake and Mountain

Untitled – Man on boat/barge on river/canal

Untitled – Fishing on the river

Same location as the barge one above.

Off to the Fair

Untitled – Girl on Shore

A Peaceful Scene in Ireland

Feeding Time

Passing the News

To Pastures New

Untitled – Sheep on the road again

Different ‘shepherd’ and no title or series number.